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TV Show: True Tori

Watch: Dean McDermott Addresses Cheating on Tuesday's True Tori
Lifetime’s True Tori is an honest look at Tori Spelling’s life after finding out husband Dean McDermott cheated. This week Dean returns home from rehab and a friend asks him point blank why he chose to cheat. In an unfiltered moment, the actor explains drugs and alcohol played a huge part in his actions. Hear Read More
Watch: Could Tori Spelling Have Predicted Dean McDermott's Affair?
On Tuesday’s True Tori, the second episode in the docu-series, Tori Spelling continues to grapple with husband Dean McDermott’s affair. While opening up to a friend about the situation, the elephant in the room is finally brought up—the fact that Tori and Dean each cheated on their respective partners when they met each other on Read More
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Is True Tori as Raw as the Hype?
When news first broke of Tori Spelling doing an almost real-time docu-series (fancy term for reality TV) about her marital problems and life after husband Dean McDermott’s affair I was a bit dubious. I first considered someone at Lifetime must surely have some crazy dirt on her to make her do this. Then I decided Read More