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Dina Lohan has issued a new statement in regards to daughter Lindsay’s current troubles and also addressed Tuesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, in which a dressed-in-drag Rob Schneider mocked Lindsay. Dina tells, Today is a tough day and we’re going through such a rough time. This is a private matter and every phone is ringing off the hook. Everyone wants a story from us. It’s not a public matter. This is a personal, private matter and I choose not to speak to the press in respect for the family at this time. I pray for the thousands of families going through this. Teen drug addiction runs rampant and we are not the only family suffering from this. My heart goes out to families going through this pain. In regard to the Leno show, I respect Jay, but it wasn’t funny. This is our life and addiction isn’t funny.Tune into The Insider tonight, July 26, or go to for more info on Lindsay.Photo: