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Horoscopes: What's in Your Stars?

August 5
Today’s celeb birthdays
1945: Loni Anderson (66)
1981: Travis McCoy (30)
2001: Maddox Jolie-Pit (10)

Just when everyone else is winding down for the weekend, you’re accelerating the pace blazing through your schedule, fitting in extra jobs and tying up loose ends to finish off the week. A household repair or restoration brings great satisfaction this evening. Call me to hear when to avoid a family dispute.

If people have been intransigent, unyielding or obstructive this week, today will turn the tide. Whether in your personal life or at work, a change of hearts and minds will find a happy concordance. The morning is favorable for agreements. Deal with finances in the afternoon. Call me to hear when to avoid money running through your fingers like water.

Taureans are known for their patience, good judgment and common-sense. In all these attributes you’ll absolutely surpass yourself today as people seek out your wisdom and sound advice. And it’s talking with colleagues that makes you feel so much more settled and secure. Call me to hear when to avoid a domestic argument.

You’re never happier than when you’re with a jolly crowd – which is just what’s on the cards today. So you’re busy with all manner of preparations and plans, some of which may require digging deeper into your reserves. But in your current happy mood, that doesn’t seem to matter. Call me to hear when you must watch what you eat.

The more facts and figures you have ready at your fingertips, the better your day will be. Home? Whatever you buy for your household, whether it’s new curtains or antique furniture will prove a good and long-lasting investment. A parent or elderly relative may be in touch this afternoon. Call me to hear when to avoid throwing good money after bad.

Whatever blockages, difficulties or brick walls you encountered this week have now dissolved and you’re looking forward to an activity-filled weekend. Finances and accounts fill the morning, meetings and correspondence take up the afternoon. After that, you’re free! Call me to hear when you’re in danger of overtaxing your system.

If you’ve been frustrated recently because progress at work has been slow, you can stop fretting because, given today’s busy schedule, you’re sure to make up for lost time. It’s the end of another working week and time now to make arrangements for a weekend of pleasure. Call me to hear how to avoid being the one who picks up the tab.

If you’ve been working yourself into a frenzy, Scorpio, it’s hardly surprising if you’re feeling weary today. Home comforts draw you early afternoon and though you might like to rest, your social life is about to come alive. There is so much to talk about tonight! Call me to hear when you mustn’t break the rules.

Special meetings will open new avenues on many levels today. Something told to you in confidence this afternoon makes you aware that behind-the-scenes machinations are working in your favor. Be sensitive to others and don’t disclose information that is given to you in secret. Call me to hear when you shouldn’t make that trip.

Get yourself well organized as soon as you can at work today. Not only will you show that you’re in charge of a tight ship, but you’ll easily convince others that you’re an authority who carries respect. Work with others this afternoon and mix business with pleasure. Call me to hear when a friend lets you down.

Deal with legal or written matters this morning for a favorable outcome. Your partner is growing more caring and affectionate by the minute. You may have had separate agendas but when it comes to co-coordinating a trip or a special outing together you’re now both assuredly of one mind. Call me to hear when you’re caught between a rock and a hard place.

A business, legal or bureaucratic matter is highlighted and needs your close attention. And since this morning’s trends favor money, it looks like you’ll be pleased with the outcome. Quiet reflection early afternoon stimulates creative ideas and awakens thoughts of love. Call me to hear when to be extra cautious on the road.

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