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Horoscopes: What's in Your Stars?

August 18
Today’s celeb birthdays
1936: Robert Redford (75)
1957: Denis Leary (54)
1969: Christian Slater (42)
1969: Edward Norton (42)

You’re back in business it feels, Leo, and definitely ready to spread your wings -physically as well as intellectually. What helps to drive your new enthusiasm are developments happening behind the scenes. It could mean more work but you’re up for that now. Call me to hear when to watch out for a financial glitch.

Creative ideas, hobbies, sports, favorite pursuits, time spent with the kids? Make imaginative use of your day. And if you’ve been holding off splashing out on your home and family, here’s your chance to hit the shops. Purchases are expensive but satisfying. Call me to hear when your misgivings are unfounded.

Part of you may want to work in the background while the other part is keen to talk to people and to get things done. Looking for the hidden gems of opportunity in the day will combine both needs. Quiet, homely pursuits this evening do you good. Call me to hear when a social plan fizzles to nothing.

Even though you may be counting the cost of the last few weeks, you’re quietly confident today that your plans and ideas will see the light of day. If you’ve had difficulty making connections earlier in the week, try again. Cosmic conditions are favorable for link-ups now. Call me to hear when to be on the lookout for mistakes at work.

If it feels you’ve been living on your nerves, Cancer, perhaps today’s debriefing, backslapping and praise will act as a much-welcomed tonic. Take your bow and go. A goal you’ve been chasing is now within your grasp. Socially, too, what you’ve been organizing comes together now. Call me to hear when you must double-check travel times.

Keep following your instincts, Virgo, because you’ll realize today you’re on the right road. A team project is going great guns and the support you’re getting is reassuring. A secret matter will need further work and discussion this evening. Social arrangements put on a pleasing spurt. Call me to hear when you shouldn’t sign that contract.

If you’ve had a bittersweet relationship with your job, career or other officials, use today’s good aspects to turn the tide. Look forward: a nice weekend’s coming up. Partnerships? Gentle words and loving gestures go a long way to winning the heart of the one you love. Call me to hear when you must double-check the details.

The stars are shining on both your private life and public affairs today, Scorpio. It’s a particularly favorable day for talks, meetings and decisions concerning work, health or well-being. Partnerships? Agreements are easily reached. Holiday and travel plans bring cheer. Call me to hear when you can’t afford to trust your luck.

If luck has been thin on the ground lately, today’s developments will give your fortunes a new boost. Matters at a distance, media, advertising and literary work come under favorable stars. It’s a busy day juggling work and money but since you’re driving the action, it feels good. Call me to hear when a domestic arrangement falls apart.

Make whatever it is you’re involved with at the moment a celebration not a chore, Capricorn. Get your head together with your partner and arrange outings, parties, trips and travel. Progress domestic projects this evening and enjoy time with family and loved ones. Call me to hear when you can’t trust what you’re told.

You may have taken on a lot at home but since you’re so enterprising and dynamic at the moment, there’s little you can’t accomplish. Besides, it’s gratifying to see how your efforts are adding value and paying off. Partnerships? How pleasing that you’re so in synch! Call me to hear when a purchase won’t be worth the money.

Lucky liaisons, interesting conversations and happy meetings put a spring in your step today, Pisces. If you’ve been waiting for a delivery, letter or phone call, it should arrive by tonight. Friends, children and loved ones are amusing and a hot date is on the cards. Call me to hear when a promise comes unstuck.

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