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Horoscopes: What's in Your Stars?

August 19
Today’s celeb birthdays
1963: John Stamos (48)
1965: Kevin Dillon (46)
1965: Kyra Sedgwick (46)
1969: Matthew Perry (42)

Partnerships come under favorable stars this morning and highlight shared understanding. It’s a good time to make sensitive decisions and reach joint agreement. A little variety in your work routines will stir your imagination and an ambitious plan gets green lighted. Call me to hear when to watch out for a financial glitch.

Brighter prospects lie in store – not just because it’s Friday, although that does help! More because you’re finding it uplifting to mix business with pleasure in team projects. Financially, things are improving and an upward trend inspires you with new optimism. Call me to hear when your misgivings are unfounded.

Use this morning for tying up loose ends and finalizing private arrangements. That way, you’ll be free to go when the lights turn green this afternoon. A change of plans this evening isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, it brings fresh anticipation for a journey ahead. Call me to hear when a social plan fizzles to nothing.

Morning travel, meetings, outings or events open your eyes to wider possibilities. If you can take time off this afternoon a long, leisurely weekend awaits. Otherwise, spend the time quietly researching – you may be surprised what you turn up! Home life delights. Call me to hear when to be on the lookout for mistakes at work.

Whether you’re involved in travel, legal, cultural or educational work, your words and ideas have far ranging influence this morning. Financial affairs look promising, too, and give your long-term plans a boost. A friendship is deepening and weekend plans put a smile in your heart. Call me to hear when you must double-check travel times.

Even the most routine tasks can be given a creative twist with a bit of imagination. So play around with ideas this morning and don’t be afraid to experiment. Link up with people faraway later on in the day. Extend your vistas over the weekend. Call me to hear when you shouldn’t sign that contract.

Feeling inspired, Libra? Put entertainment and the Arts at the top of your list today. Talk money, make investments or seek advice on property matters this afternoon. Romance (and plans for an intimate weekend) bring the working week to an end on a high note. Call me to hear when you must double-check the details.

Small changes to your working practices can make a big difference to your mood and well-being this morning – which in turn will have a positive effect on your relationship this afternoon. Venus, goddess of pleasure, turns her attention on your social life and brings romance. Call me to hear when you can’t afford to trust your luck.

You have a lot of talking to do today, Sagittarius. Perhaps you’re getting your message out to a wider audience. Whichever, you seem to be tapping into what people what to hear. You have a busier than usual afternoon and a lucky evening. At work, your popularity grows! Call me to hear when a domestic arrangement falls apart.

Get those jobs done and out of the way this morning, Capricorn, and free yourself up for a leisurely afternoon. Wide open spaces and faraway places are calling you. But if you can’t travel just yet, at least spend some of the weekend making plans to get away sometime soon. Call me to hear when you can’t trust what you’re told.

Dreamy, romantic, imaginative: you have so many ideas to transform your property into the sort of sumptuous homes you read about in glossy magazines. So why don’t you? Decide what look you want to achieve and get stuck in. A little effort this weekend can make a big difference! Call me to hear when a purchase won’t be worth the money.

The good news, Pisces, is that Venus is about to grace your relationship zone with her presence. It means that you should find it easier to get cooperation and support. It also means that partners are more attentive. If you’re single, romance is heading your way! Call me to hear when a promise comes unstuck.

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