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Jason Derulo Talks Lady Gaga, 'Glee,' Girlfriends

Jason Derulo is living life in the fast lane. The 20-year-old singer’s song, In My Head, currently sits at #7 after five months on the charts. But that’s not all – he recently got off the road with Lady Gaga.

“She’s the sweetest girl ever,” he tells me. “She said some really kind words to me, she looked in my eyes, and was like ‘Jason, I’ve seen a lot of talented people, I’ve worked with a lot of talented people.’ She said, ‘Jason, you are special. You are a star.’ That meant a lot coming from her.”

Hm, what kind of guy would be perfect for her?

“They would have to be tall and muscular, named Jason,” he laughs. “Nah, no, I don’t know what kind of guy.”

While he calls out Madonna, Megan Fox and Beyonce as his celebrity crushes, the single star hits close to home on what he really wants in a leading lady.

“I want somebody like my mom,” Jason tells me. “My mom is a very charitable woman. She’s the sweetest woman in the world. I’m looking for the second sweetest woman in the world. I’m looking for honesty and a big heart.”

He would love to follow in the footsteps of Madonna, whose music appeared on Glee.

“I’d like to play the goofy, funny guy,” he says.

What was he really like in high school?

“I was pretty to myself. I did joke around a lot, and I did get in trouble for joking around all the time. I didn’t have many friends though. I was to myself. In class, I was always playing jokes. 100% I was focused on my music.”

These days, Jason gives his props through prayer every day.

“It definitely makes me feel better because I know that all things are possible through Jesus Christ. It gives me the confidence I need.”

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