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Jennifer Aniston Recounts Mammogram

Jennifer Aniston takes her health seriously.

The actress, 42, has seen several friends, including Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge, endure the horror of breast cancer.

Thanks to early detection, they’ve received a clean bill of health.

Now, Jennifer is behind the riveting breast-cancer awareness short-film series Five, which airs on Lifetime tonight.

She emphasizes the importance of getting mammograms.

“I self-check all the time and I’ve been doing it regularly the last couple of years,” Jennifer says during the Five premiere in NYC. “I just actually had my mammogram a couple of weeks ago and there were tears streaming down my face while the woman was telling me to hold this pose and bend back.”

Don’t miss Five, which airs on Lifetime tonight at 9pm ET/8C. Jennifer executive produced and directed.