Jessica Alba apologizes if she’s not showing more excitement for her new film, next week’s The Eye, these days. She’s got more important things to focus on or, rather, “thing” — her pregnancy.

"Being pregnant is kind of like a sedative,” Jessica tells The Daily 10. “Everything’s just chill. I don’t get as anxious about things. Like right now, a movie coming out, you know over analyzing everything. And now I’m just kind of like [shrugs]. I got something else going on."

Pregnancy is not without its imperfections, of course.

“[I have] heartburn, the hiccups,” she says. “I wake up to hiccups every single morning. Never had hiccups before."

The 26-year-old is due in the spring. The baby’s father is her fiancé, producer Cash Warren, for whom she predicts a bright future in filmmaking. "His first movie (Made in America) got into Sundance, and it’s incredibly well-received," she says. "He’s worked hard. He really hasn’t stopped."

As for her own career, Jessica says it’s important to maintain a perspective on the glitz and glamour.

"It is… a crazy business and when you get caught up in it you can lose your cool a bit… I look at it as a job. I love what I do. I love entertaining people, I love making movies… that’s the ultimate for me in this business."

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