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Justin Bieber Reveals Last Date, ‘I Love You’

Justin Bieber takes OK!’s Last Word interview in the issue on newsstands now. The pop sensation, 16, teamed up with for Mother’s Day.

This is what you won’t find in the magazine.

Last time you said I love you?
Was to my mom, before I went to bed last night.

Last time you went on a date?
The last time I went on a date, I went to the movies with some girl.

What did you see?
I don’t remember.

Last time you laughed?
Yesterday when my manager’s girlfriend made a joke.

Last thing you bought?
Wendy’s. I had a hamburger. But my favorite fast food is Taco Bell. I like to order tacos because they taste good.

Last chore or errand you did?
I made my bed. I don’t always, but I’m at home right now, so I made my bed.

Last compliment you received?
I don’t remember.

Last time you were mistaken for another celebrity?
I’m never mistaken for another celebrity.

Last time you felt jealous?
I don’t know. I don’t really get jealous.

Last time you took a risk?
The last time I took a risk … uh, I don’t know.

Last dream or nightmare you had?
The last dream I had was I was in a really important basketball game, and then we lost.

Last time you went home to Canada?
The last time I went home to Canada, I just hung out with my friends. We hung out and watched TV. We just, like, talk, reminisce, watch TV.

Last time you saw Beyonce?
The last time I saw Beyonce I was at the Grammys. It was nice. She was really nice.

Last time you saw Taylor Swift?
The last time I saw Taylor Swift was at the Grammys, just briefly. I just said ‘hi.’

Last time you saw President Barack Obama?
I only saw him once. I met him when I was performing for him. He’s amazing. He’s really tall.

Last time someone called you a nickname?
I don’t remember.

Pick up the OK! on newsstands now for the rest of Justin Bieber’s Last Word interview. The cover line is “Rob Tells Oprah: ‘Kristen’s Pregnant!’”