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Katie Cassidy Wants Blake Lively’s Beau Leonardo DiCaprio?

Although Leonardo DiCaprio, 36, has been cavorting around the globe with Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively, 23, her co-star Katie Cassidy has been striving for the actor’s attention her whole life.

Could there be drama on set?

When asked about her childhood celebrity crush during the DKNY Sunglass Soiree held this week at The Beach at Dream Downtown in NYC, the blonde beauty, 24, dreamily sighs, “Oh, Leonardo DiCaprio. Ever since I saw Romeo and Juliet, and then Titanic, I was like ‘that’s the man I need to marry, and I need to marry him now.’

She tells me she’s met him several times, and she’s impressed with the man whose pinups adorned her bedroom walls.

“He’s a wonderful actor,” she gushes. “I respect him for his work and not necessarily just for his good looks – although he still looks really good. He’s wonderful.”

One thing Katie has in common with Leo’s onetime love Gisele Bundchen is her desire to look great in a swimsuit.

“Try to avoid sodium if you’re going to be in a bikini,” the actress, who prefers to eat fish, says. “You retain a lot of water. Me, in particular, I’m one who loves anything salty. When I’m by the beach or at the pool, I’d try to avoid it a little bit because it’ll keep that water down.”

She’s also sensible.

“As far as beauty goes, I think a little bit of sun is good, but at the same time, the sun can be really damaging to your skin, so wear sunscreen.”