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Kim Kardashian and La La Set to be Neighbors?

Now that Kim Kardashian is set to wed NBA star Kris Humphries, she’s following in the footsteps of BFF La La Anthony (formerly Vazquez) in tying the knot with a major league baller.

The VH1 reality star, who wed New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony last July, may soon become more inseparable with the bride-to-be, who will tie the knot with her New Jersey Nets beau.

“We do make jokes about the basketball players,” she says at the Fresh Air Fund’s Salute To American Heroes event held in NYC. “We do make a joke that we’re all going to try to get apartments all in the same building here in New York and live together.”

La La certainly wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.

“I think they’re a great couple. I think they balance each other out. Kris has a great personality. He’s a great guy. She’s an amazing person and an amazing friend. I think you just know when two people go together, and those two – they go together.”

For now, Kim can count on La La for wedding tips – and anything else that comes up.

“We’re girlfriends, so we talk all the time about guys, and dating and marriage and relationships, just like anybody else does,” she says. “No particular advice just yet, just telling her … my advice to her was just ‘enjoy this moment.’”

When it comes to her own relationship, La La and Carmelo have discovered why their relationship is so happy.

“I think we’re friends,” she tells me. “I think when you start a relationship based on a friendship, you have a better chance of making it, and he’s my friend first.”

Here’s my pic with La La:

La La appears in Stars Tell OK! in the issue on newsstands this week. The cover line is “Bachelorette Ashley Stabbed In The Heart.”