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'Once Upon a Time' Premiere Clip: Prince Charming Saves His Daughter With Snow White

Once Upon a Time got off to a good start on ABC last night with its intriguing fairytale plot, brought to us from the makers of Lost.

In the premiere episode, Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming fight to save their daughter Emma, who was predicted by Rumplestiltskin to be the savior of the fairytale kingdom.

Prince Charming puts baby Emma (Jennifer Morrison) into a magical wardrobe and she grows up in our world. But she's drawn back by the now 10-year-old son, Henry, she gave up for adoption.

One thing is for sure, we'll have to watch every episode to keep up with this plot!

What do you think of Once Upon a Time? Will you keep watching?

Watch a clip of the premiere, below!