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'Real Housewives' Star Cindy Barshop Waxes Troubles Away

When Real Housewives of NYC star Cindy Barshop rolls into Redbook’s MVP Beauty Awards breakfast held this week at Bryant Park Grill in NYC, she takes time out from her gig as owner of Completely Bare spa.

“I was one of the judges for Redbook MVP,” she tells me after guests enjoy a buffet of blueberry muffins, croissants, eggs, bacon, yogurt, mixed fruit and granola. “For me, it’s a complete honor. It was so much fun going through everything, and checking all the top products out. These are the top products, and women need to see when they go into a store what’s the best foundation, or the Stila liner. It makes life easy for everybody.”

One beauty product she wishes they would invent is easy-to-put-on fake eyelashes.

“They’re so difficult for me,” she says. “I always try to put them on. I have a couple left over from last week. I’m always trying to make it perfect. I think it absolutely changes your face.”

For Cindy, a new, improved beauty product is almost as exciting as inventing new spa experience.

“We’re getting a new spray tan that sprays warm air out,” she says. “You’re not cold anymore. It’s no smell, it’s customized, and it doesn’t come off on your clothes. It’s the most amazing thing. That’s my new favorite, because I don’t have any hair on my body, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore. My next thing is to make my body look good, and that’s with the new spray tan.”

Hm, how does she set squeamish women at ease before they undergo a new procedure?

“I let them know they’re going to a specialist,” she explains. “We don’t even call our technicians technicians. We call them Completely Bare specialists because they know how to make you comfortable, they know how to tell you what’s good for your type of skin and your type of hair, and also what’s in your price range, so it’s customized for you. It’s not point blank – ‘you should do laser, you should wax that area.’ It depends on the type of hair you have, what bothers you, and then we make the appropriate suggestion.”

Not only is Cindy enjoying her spa business, but also life in the spotlight as a Real Housewives of NYC star. Still, it isn’t all positive.

“Some of the girls try to attack you for no reason, and make it that there are certain standards out there that I don’t adhere to. I accept people for who they are, and I embrace people.”

Will she be back next season?

“I’m not sure yet. I do different things to embrace change in my life. I’ve been doing different charity work, which is amazing. Who knows where I’m going to be at the point where they start filming. Depending on where I am in life, if I have some time for it, then I’ll do it.”

Regardless, Cindy will be found waxing troubles away at her Completely Bare spa.