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Russell Brand

Russell Brand has recently taken roles alongside Helen Mirren, Tom Cruise and Jennifer Garner, but things weren't always so easy for Russell. As a teenager, Russell became involved with drugs, alcohol and developed a case of bulimia. After he was expelled from the famous Italia Conti Academy, Russell eventually found his stride doing stand-up in London. He landed his own series on MTV, Dance Floor Chart, which he soon lost due to his heroin addiction and showing up dressed as Osama Bin Laden. After a few more career hiccups due to intoxication, Russell eventually was forced into rehab by his agent in 2003. The comedian has been clean ever since and has held down a variety of gigs including as a radio show host, author and feature film actor in hits like Get Him to the Greek and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Brand was married to pop star Katy Perry, but the two divorced soon after.