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Simon Sends Sanjaya a Message

Considering the person sending the message, American Idol alum Sanjaya Malakar received a glowing compliment from former naysayer and Idol judge Simon Cowell during an interview airing tonight on Extra.


 "Hello, Sanjaya," Simon said in the video missive. "In a strange way, I sort of miss you."


"Well, thank you, Simon. I kind of miss you too," Sanjaya responded.


The two were often at odds, as Simon was a constant critic of Sanjaya’s sometimes less-than-tuneful performances. However Sanjaya now says his vocal talents have improved since his Idol stint.


"I’ve noticed while recording the [new] album, I can sing higher."


Tune in to see Sanjaya discuss his career, the secrets of his infamous hair styles and more on tonight’s Extra.

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