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What's in Your Stars?

January 6
Today’s celeb birthdays
1955: Rowan Atkinson (56)
1971: Joey Lauren Adams (40)
1981: Rinko Kikuchi (30)

Even though it’s only the first week of the new year, you’ve already noticed that things are definitely improving after a decidedly tricky end to 2010. Now you’re determined to establish a new pattern and routine, and your efforts won’t go unnoticed. Call me to hear when to avoid a difficult situation at work.

You’ve been driving yourself hard and have been so focused on your work that your social life has suffered. Soon, though, all that will be history as you let down your hair and start to think on a broader canvas. This week’s eclipse tells of career changes ahead. Call me to hear when to prevent someone blocking your plans.

A meeting or conversation has an extraordinary impact on you and could prove the very breakthrough you’ve been looking for. You’re making lots of important connections these days and some crucial decisions. Financially, looks like there’s some good fortune blowing your way. Stay tuned! Call me to hear when a trip will have to be postponed.

There’s no getting away from it, changes lie ahead. Part of this could involve a powerful new attraction or the sudden departure of a familiar face. Whether you’re single or attached, looking for a business partner or a soul union, someone is about to make your heart sing. Call me to hear when the price is just too high.

There’s been some emotional drama in the air which has recently been stirred up by this week’s solar eclipse! Could be you’re looking at a destiny date when you either cement a certain relationship or you finally decide to call it a day. New love is linked with your job. Call me to hear when to avoid a family dispute.

At work, the stars suggest you’re carving a niche for yourself and making your own opportunities. But perhaps it’s also time for you to strike out in a completely different direction. Give your creative imagination free rein from today on. You’ll be glad if you do. Call me to hear how to avoid a serious delay.

Thinking of giving your home a brand new makeover? Or perhaps you’re just enjoying spending these long winter evenings cosying up at home. Today’s stars mark a definite turn in the tide when the work you do becomes more of a pleasure than a chore. Call me to hear when a purchase is a waste of money.

You’ve done well to get yourself, your family and your home organised. But now that you’re feeling satisfied with your good work, you could treat yourself to a little time out. Good advice is always appreciated and there are those who will benefit from your wisdom today. Call me to hear when to head off a clash of interests.

Travel plans come together as this week’s solar eclipse points to a journey that you’ll be taking in the near future. It’s a trip that could become a potentially life-changing experience. Hard work gets you far and earns praise from those who matter. Call me to hear when to look for the hidden agenda.

Finances have been a running theme and the recent solar eclipse shows you’re now making all the right moves. More than ever, your wellbeing depends on putting down firmer roots and building security for the future. Given your stars, that’s just what you’ll be doing. Call me to hear when a financial issue makes you see red.

There’s a lull in your progress. Perhaps things won’t move forward quite as fast as you would like so you might as well enjoy this slower pace. It’s good to leave all that business, and the paperwork behind. True friendship is now growing deeper and warmer by the day. Call me to hear when a journey is a pain.

A group project takes a big stride forward while plans that have stalled or have seemed disappointing now put on a new spurt. Following this week’s eclipse, your long-term aims will not only become clearer, but you realise that success is well within your grasp. Call me to hear when a second opinion is a must.

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