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January 18
Today’s celeb birthdays
1955: Kevin Costner (56)
1980: Jason Segel (31)
1980: Estelle (31)

Partnerships are in the firing line today – personally and professionally. You’re seeing another side of a certain someone who seems to be quite erratic or moody. Rather than get irritated yourself, take a cool, hard look at what’s going on. It takes two to tango! Call me to hear when a commitment could scupper your plans.

There’s a lot to juggle today, Aries. And a lot to get your head around especially at work where you’re involved in power meetings and big talks. But having home and family matters on your mind doesn’t help your concentration. Take one step at a time. Call me to hear when to rein in your excitement.

Is it because you’re out of the house, on the move or more in contact with others, that your mind is racing with ideas? Whatever is triggering the flow, something is profoundly influencing your thoughts. Legal, literary, travel, educational or foreign affairs must be dealt with today. Call me to hear when you should leave the credit cards at home.

Take a good look at your financial situation today, Gemini. You need to get right down to the nitty-gritty because there are some important – and potentially difficult – decisions to make. Watch out for banking errors, keep an eye on your possessions and put security first. Call me to hear when to expect the unexpected at work.

Will you, won’t you? People are waiting for your decision and you may feel under compulsion to agree. Tomorrow’s Full Moon in your sign is already stirring emotions and making you extra sensitive. If you’re uncomfortable with a certain situation, hold off and just bide your time. Call me to hear when to avoid a travel hassle.

It’s time to embark on a major de-cluttering exercise for mind, body, spirit, office and home! It’s a tall order but a new regime is called for and you have to start somewhere. Tackle it in small chunks, especially if you’re not feeling a hundred percent. Call me to hear when to avoid a clash with a colleague.

You don’t have to go along with other people if you don’t want to. In fact, there’s a strong possibility that someone will challenge your views, opinions or plans. Work out their motivation and you’ll see clearly what’s going on. Then you can stand firm. Call me to hear when you need to stay ahead of the game at work.

Work vs. home, duty vs. desire. It’s an old chestnut and it’s happening again. Your mind is split and your loyalties are divided. Someone may have the wrong end of the stick but they’re difficult to challenge when they’re your superiors. The important thing is you know what’s right. Call me to hear when to avoid making a serious mistake.

News, views, post, information – there’s so much of it to deal with today. First off, tackle your in-tray: sort, save, junk and reply to outstanding mail. A difficult subject needs to be broached but it’s not going to be easy to have that meaningful conversation today. Call me to hear when to be alert to a banking error.

Facts and figures aren’t straightforward today, Sagittarius, and getting your head around some tricky finances demands your full attention. If tension mounts, blame it on tomorrow’s Full Moon whipping up an emotional storm. Focus your power on getting to the bottom of the issue in hand. Call me to hear when a compromise could save a row.

Don’t doubt your intuition or your abilities when it comes to your work or your health. If you think something isn’t right, listen to your inner voice. Secrets, confidences, privileged information? There are some things you just have to keep to yourself today. Call me to hear when to avoid buying a pig in a poke.

Do you listen to a colleague, an advisor, a loved one or a friend? There are so many conflicting views and opinions today that you feel caught between a rock and a hard place. If in doubt, just follow your instincts and do what you know is right. Call me to hear when a domestic crisis could catch you out.

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