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What's in Your Stars?

January 19
Today’s celeb birthdays
1946: Dolly Parton (65)
1947: Paula Dean (64)
1954: Katey Sagal (57)
1971: Shawn Wayans (40)
1982: Jodie Sweetin (29)

There are a hundred-and-one things to do, people to talk to and meetings to attend. Both in terms of money and partnerships, the decisions you make today will have long-lasting consequences. Relationships are surprising. Honesty and understanding clears the air. Call me to hear when a commitment could scupper your plans.

There’s a powerful accent on your career as you’re quickly putting the finishing touches to an assignment. Changes at work are on the horizon but you know what you’re aiming for. Whether for work, career or personal advancement, look for the hidden gems of opportunity today. Call me to hear when to rein in your excitement.

Watch out, Taurus – the Full Moon could cause all sorts of mayhem with communications and travel today. Computers and other equipment may go on the blink. It’s a good day, though, for social affairs and for arranging outings and events. Teamwork especially fares well. Call me to hear when you should leave the credit cards at home.

Career matters are far from dull as fresh energy emerges today which promises to bring new inspiration. Look for an offer coming your way that could improve your income and status. Keep your profile high – it’s important to be seen in the right places. Think security today. Call me to hear when to expect the unexpected at work.

Feel you’ve reached a crossroads and looking for a new direction, Cancer? Today’s events show you that your destiny is firmly in your own hands. Emotionally, your self-esteem is about to skyrocket as the Sun and Jupiter push your magnetism to the maximum. Call me to hear when to avoid a travel hassle.

Confidences, secrets or private information come to light. Financially, this is a good time to finish off outstanding accounts or to complete paperwork. Others are willing to help so don’t miss this chance to get people on your side – especially those in the know. Call me to hear when to avoid a clash with a colleague.

With masses of stamina at your disposal, tackling physical jobs should be a cinch. If you’re thinking of moving or need to borrow money to refurbish your home, talk to the financial people now while the auspices are in your favour. Good fortune is in your stars. Call me to hear when you need to stay ahead of the game at work.

Your job takes on new impetus and with work being so well-starred, the more effort you put into your career now, the greater the chances you’ll get the outcome you want. Things are moving fast today, change is in the air and domestic matters reach a turning point. Call me to hear when to avoid making a serious mistake.

Travel, trips and holidays on your mind? A wave of inner confidence sweeps through as events pick up speed and lift your spirits. The buzzing pace of life with local developments, family involvement and news from afar adds to your buoyant mood. Call me to hear when to be alert to a banking error.

New projects involving the home are the topic of lively discussion today. The need to clear space, move or expand your living environment becomes more apparent. Put the finishing touches to your financial computations today and then start considering your options. Call me to hear when a compromise could save a row.

Pressure is building as the demands on you and your time increase. But you’re only human and there are only so many hours in the day. There’s a lot you want to do but you must find a balance and a way to pace yourself. Call me to hear when to avoid buying a pig in a poke.

As your social scene livens up and friendships dominate, so your emotional confidence increases and your charms become all the more irresistible. Put aside recent misgivings and enjoy this popularity. Get together with the people you know and love to be with and relax. Call me to hear when a domestic crisis could catch you out.

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