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Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Pal Around on SNL—See the Best Moments Here!

We were giggling weeks ago when it was merely announced that besties Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake would hit the SNL stage together, so of course when it actually happened it was all we could’ve dreamed of and more. Let’s take a look at JT and JF paling around, cracking each other up, and doing what they do best.

Bring it on down to Wrappingville! You don’t bring Justin to SNL without a trip to the ‘ville.
[hulu id=x7r0susnzgogeopdxlmvea width=512]

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Family Feud. Brilliant

[hulu id=pnu9ttjh3vc-i4t3ny0u5q width=512]

The Barry Gibb Talk Show with very special guests!

[hulu id=4hcwitwzpfv31c5ahbtkig width=512]

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Justin’s laserrific “Only When I Walk Away

[hulu id=zh5e0plbgbi_xljcicqatq width=512]

And Mr. Timberlake wasn’t the only one proving the jams this episode, see the ladies explain an awkward holiday situation that will also make you want to dance.

[hulu id=649tviqfhbjw9snkvc-zcq width=512]

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