Aubrey O’Day may be known for her salacious outfits and sexy poses, but there’s more than meets the eye to the former Danity Kane singer.

What’s her plan B?

“I was actually going to Columbia for law school, and I wanted to do international law,” the fun, friendly star, 25, tells me. “I wanted to save refugees. That’s what I probably would be doing. I come from a family of attorneys, so I’ve constantly been in a political mind state since childhood. If I weren’t doing that, as far as more fun careers, I always wanted to be a professional ice skater. Like, win the gold medal, or I’ve always wanted to be Miss America.”

Why Miss America?

“I always wanted to be in a place where I got to do art, and once I got there was able to affect as many people as possible. I spent my college years traveling around the world. I have two charities internationally, and I do a lot of really good things. But I would say I have a great voice and I’m very honest. I represent all kinds of women. I show that you can be extra sexy and also be extra smart.”

This California girl is a big advocate for believing the world is her oyster.

“Traveling around the world and being exposed to everything that I have has made me an interesting person,” she says. “Not in a cocky way, but I’m very proud of the woman I’ve struggled to become. I think if you believe it in life, the world is at your feet and you can do anything that you want to do.”

And Aubrey has a laundry list of things do accomplish. For instance, she’s ready for a big family. (She already pampers her little dog, Ginger.)

“I want to be a movie star, a solo artist, a television star, I want to be an amazing philanthropist and then I want to adopt a whole bunch of babies from a ton of different countries and have my own little rainbow tribe like Josephine Baker.”


Notice, she didn’t say Angelina Jolie

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