Charlotte Church, 21, announced she is expecting her first child with her rugby star boyfriend Gavin Henson, 25. Her management confirmed speculation Thursday with a posting on her official Web site. ‘Charlotte has asked us to bring you the news exclusively today via that she is pregnant,’ the statement says. ‘For reasons of privacy, Charlotte has chosen not to comment on this matter, other than to confirm that she and her boyfriend, Gavin Henson, are delighted. In an ideal world, we would not have made this announcement so early in the pregnancy. However, due to recent speculation and persistent questions from the media about this most private of matters, Charlotte felt she had no choice other than to go public.’Rumors circulated that the Welsh singer-turned-talk-show-host was with child after she abstained from alcohol during festivities for her 21st birthday Feb. 21. She also gave up smoking.The couple, who have dated for two years, recently went shopping for a bigger home near their spread in Cardiff, Wales.

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