While some stars maintain a big distance from their fans, being pregnant twice really put Tori Spelling in touch with her fans, in a very physical way

"During both pregnancies, people touched my belly a lot," she tells Cookie Magazine in a new interview. "I would never do that to a pregnant woman, it’s a personal thing. And if I did, I’d say, ‘Your belly is so cute, can I touch it?’ But when fans do it, I couldn’t say, ‘Please don’t touch, because then it would be ‘What a bitch!’ At a certain point, I just decided that [my second baby] Stella was getting a lot of love in there."


As for the weight that a pregnancy leaves behind, Tori admits that the pressure to lose it can be a real bummer.


"After I’d given birth to Stella, some woman at the market grabbed my belly and asked when I was due. When she had the flab in her hand, she realized her mistake," she reveals.


That’s when it’s time for a "Do Not Touch the Celebrity" sign!

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