Alex silver fagan

5 Minutes with Trainer Alex Silver-Fagan

Tips and Tricks on How This Trainer Stays in Shape and Feels Good!

The Nike master trainer dishes on her look good, feel good secrets!

You’re always mixing up your workouts, but what exercise is the most transformative?

My absolute favorite exercise — or piece of equipment, rather — is anything with a kettlebell. It’s one of the most versatile tools and skills to have in your gym and “toolbox.” From deadlifts and swings, to overhead presses and Turkish getups, you’ll be sure to hit every muscle group and challenge your entire body.


What’s one way you look after your health when you have such a busy lifestyle?

ORB 109_30_hero

Because I’m constantly running around, I make sure to eat well and also take ORB Women’s Multi + Fish Oil daily. With its time-release technology, I’m able to get 21 essential vitamins and minerals over the course of eight hours. I feel energetic and my mood stays uplifted throughout the day.


You always look so stylish when you’re training. What are your favorite workout outfits and gear?


As a Nike Master Trainer, I obviously live and breathe the brand. My favorite pieces right now are from the new Nike Shine On collection, the Pro Compressions Shorts and the Free TR Flyknit 3 sneaks.



Orb Women’s Multi + Fish Oil, $20,

Nike Free TR Flyknit 3, $120,

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