Chris Watts lost his prison privileges for two weeks after his underwear was found in another man’s cell. OK! has obtained an incident report that reveals Watts’ underwear, petroleum jelly, assorted toiletries and books were found in fellow inmate Dylan Tallman‘s cell.

At the same time, Watts had been making phone calls to members of Tallman’s family. He had not only called Tallman’s mother multiple times but had his own parents contact Tallman’s mother and girlfriend with messages. The content of those messages is unknown, but the report notes they were both phone and text messages.


The incident occurred in July and resulted in Tallman being punished for Unauthorized Transfer of Property, Unauthorized Forms of Communication, and Possession of Contraband-Miscellaneous. Watts was also punished, losing his phone privileges for two weeks and being banned from purchasing goods at the canteen for 30 days.

The relationship between Watts and Tallman is unclear. Tallman has a lengthy history of infractions at Dodge Correctional Institution. He is currently suing multiple employees at Dodge, which is how the Watts incident came to light. In one filing, Tallman writes that after a corrections officer told him he was not going to heaven that Watts had to calm him down for an hour.

Tallman has said in legal filings he will drop all of his complaints if the state will agree to transfer him from the maximum-security prison to a mental health facility. He has been in and out of prison for most of his life, though the 27-year-old inmate has never been charged with a violent felony. Instead, he has been sentenced on charges involving drug possession, retail theft less than $500, and a single count of arson.

He has written a book about his life, and OK! has learned that he and Watts are working together on a book of prayers. Watts has said that prayer is how he communicates with his dead family members.


The punishment for the July incident seems to have been more severe because Tallman had committed both of these infractions before. He had another inmate making calls for him in April, and had also been found with canteen products that were not purchased by him at the facility.

“Later in the day inmate Watts, Christopher number 674796 was questioned by Sergeant Mueller and myself since his boxer [sic] that were labeled with his name were found in inmate Tallman’s room. Inmate Watts admitted to giving inmate Talon his own personal books, hygiene products from canteen (toothbrush, petroleum jelly, shampoo, soap), coffee, and his own personal Fruit of the Loom boxers,” reads the report.

“Inmate also admitted to calling inmate Tallman’s mom for him and having Watts’ parents message/call inmate Tallman’s mom and girlfriend also. Per DCI handbook inmates are not allowed to make telephone calls for other inmates. Inmate Watts said that he was aware that he cannot give another inmate his property and did not have permission to give any items away.”

This is Watts’ first major infraction since he was transferred to Dodge. He was sentenced to five life sentences without the possibility of parole after pleading guilty to the murders of his pregnant wife Shanann and two daughters Bella and Celeste. The case quickly grabbed national headlines, which is why the Colorado Department of Corrections chose to transfer Watts to a facility in Wisconsin.

Dylan Tallman Evidence File by ChrisSpargo

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