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On first glance, Tori Spelling and Lindsay Lohan are pretty similar. They both became famous as teenaged actresses. They both have had very ugly, public disputes with their parents. They have battled loads of scandal over the years. It’s easy to love to hate them both. And they both have new reality shows out in 2014. But why is Tori Spelling earning a bit more of our sympathy this time, especially in light of her recent hospitalization? Let’s take a look.

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1. Tori Spelling was actually wronged.

Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have always seemed super in love—for better or for worse, considering they were married to other people when they met. So it’s super jarring to watch Dean admit on their show True Tori that he cheated.

2. Lindsay Lohan’s show just confirmed everything we already thought about her.

She’s always late, she’s unreliable, she’s unwilling to do the work she needs to do to get back on track. Lindsay didn’t reveal anything deeper about the woman, nor provide any excuses. Tori’s show is actually explaining the truth behind the scandal.

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3. Tori’s got kids involved in her situation.

Lindsay is only destroying herself. Tori has got four really adorable kids caught in the fray of her unraveling marriage.

4. Tori holds nothing back on her show.

Dean admitting they don’t have enough sex in couple’s therapy? Awkward. But real, for a reality show. Lindsay breaks the fourth wall plenty to explain that some things happened off camera, or she wishes some things happened off camera.

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5. Lindsay seems like a liar.

Addicts lie. This is a fact. So all those times in the past that Lindsay swore she wasn’t drinking or doing drugs, those are known lies. But it’s still tough to buy her elaborate excuses on Lindsay. Even the revelation of her miscarriage in the finale was difficult to accept. Why didn’t viewers see her discuss her pregnancy until this moment? When was she ill?

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6. Tori is at least trying.

Yes, she’s made some mistakes. But she’s trying to fix everything. Lindsay does not seem to be trying very hard to put her life back on track. So it’s easy to root for Tori, while we’re just about done wishing for a Lindsay comeback.

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