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Advantages — are they really the obvious ones or the ones we couldn’t imagine?

This week on The Biggest Loser, I, as a viewer, was all over the map. You know when you watch a show and think it’s going to go one way and then it goes another? I must have felt that several times. This show never ceases to amaze me.

Along with many of you, I’m somewhat rooting and pulling for the Black Team, only because they seem like underdogs, in regard to how you play the “game” part of the The Biggest Loser. So when the pop challenge came up, when they walked into the gym with Alison and the prize of winning was spa treatments at a five-star resort, I wanted so badly for the Black Team to win! I mean come on, you gals know how it feels to work your butts off (figuratively and literally) day after day, and sometimes all that’s needed to get re-energized is some downtime and letting someone else pamper you for a change.


Now I’m not saying that men don’t enjoy spa treatments, but they seem to be essential for us women to realize that all our efforts are really worth it! And for the penalty of not winning the challenge to be cleaning the disgusting Biggest Loser kitchen and gym? I mean, really! I have been there on that ranch and although I am not there this season, experience tells me that the women clean up after themselves, and to a point that is almost unbearable, refuse to clean up after the guys (who typically just leave everything out and dirty after they are done using it).  In my experience, the majority of the guys on campus only clean a dish when they need to use it and talk about wiping down a counter of crumbs or spices … but it doesn’t happen.

I so badly wanted to see the Black Team get the spa day. I just feel like most women have to do all the domestic cleanup in the real world — shouldn’t the “reality” experience on some level be a little less reality?

I guess that which does not kill us only makes us stronger… and often sets a fire under us to do more.


So here it is, a second chance with Curtis Stone — okay, you want to put the women in their typical roles, so what better way than to have a challenge in the kitchen? And with no greater prize than a spa treatment and 5-pound advantage at weigh-in…? That is, as MasterCard says, “priceless.”

With Michael, the Blue Team-appointed foodie, gone from campus with a family emergency (our prayers are with you, my friend), Black may be back. With a close race on accurate calorie counting and the palate of a world-renowned chef, the Black Team pulled off a win by the skin of their chinny chin chins. As Bob said, “Thanks a lot, Curtis Stone”

Spirits are up a little on campus for this week, which seems to ensure a lot of blood, sweat and tears to be left on The Biggest Loser campus, now that all feel as if they have a fighting chance to stay out of the dreaded elimination room.


This weigh-in led to a couple of really big moments and some disappointment, as always seems to be the case.

I was right there with all of you, I’m sure, with tears in my eyes, as Koli stepped up to that scale and just let it out. You have to make the emotional connection in this process in order for it to last. Talk about an endearing moment, when Sam walked up to that scale and held Koli tight, celebrating together such a huge moment in Koli’s life. The Biggest Loser the TV show is in fact equivalent to 2.2 seconds of the contestants’ entire lives; but it is moments like this that will last a lifetime.


Life-altering moments were also experienced and realized by Michael this week, as he sat by the bed of his sick grandmother and realized that how he could really be there for her was to show her and honor her by taking care of himself and making the time to go to the gym. Often we let our feelings allow us to put our lives on hold. I think the key is to find that balance, as we witnessed Michael do this week — he experienced probably one of the hardest weeks of his life.

So, in the end, I guess whether it’s the high of winning a challenge, or facing challenges in our lives over which we have no control, it’s who we believe we are and what we are worth that allows us to push forward against the greatest of odds. This week got me thinking about the challenges in my life and how I’ve processed them. Life is such an amazing journey filled with ups and downs, isn’t it?

Until next week,
Ali xo

AA20090430_1134[12]Since becoming the first female champ on The Biggest Loser, Ali has found a new life as a motivational speaker and author. Her new book, Believe It, Be It, is currently available at bookstores everywhere. For more, be sure to check out her Twitter page and her personal site.

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