Aubrey O’Day and her dog Ginger are gearing up for Halloween.

“I’m going to be the Little Mermaid, and my dog Ginger’s going to be Sebastian,” the former Danity Kane singer, 24, tells me. “I have a crab costume made for her, and I’m going to dye her red with her little crab claws. I’m really excited about that.”

Wait, isn’t it dangerous to dye your dog?

“I use all-natural products,” Aubrey assures me. “My vet actually gave me the dye, so what I use is completely safe. I’m not sure what everybody else uses. But if you’re using what I use, it’s absolutely safe and fine for the animal. My dog actually likes it. If she had a fit about it, I wouldn’t do it, but she’s fine.”

Happy trick-or-treating!

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