Last night, I went to a premiere for The Hunting Party. It was sheer madness. When I asked the photographer why he was taking a picture of a woman none of us recognized, he said he snaps all the hot girls and guys. “That’s how I found the Hiltons eight years ago,” he said. “They were pretty girls with their parents.”
Because I covered the junket earlier in the day, Jesse Eisenberg gave me a wave and a wink as soon as we made eye contact from 10 feet away. What happened to his sister, Pepsi girl Hallie Kate Eisenberg, 15? “She’s a brilliant kid,” he told OK!. “She has horses. She’s the mentally healthy sibling in my family, so she’ll be okay. She’ll make it out alright and be a doctor.”
Richard Gere arrived with wife Carey Lowell, and got dropped off on the street. Fans swarmed him, and he gamely glad-handed as he moved along.
As it sometimes happens, there was “no time” for Richard, Terrence Howard and James Brolin to do interviews by the time they got to print, so my intrepid red carpet friend resorted to extreme measures, chasing Richard and Terrence down the line.
Richard told her to visit Sarajevo, where the movie was filmed.
“Any reaction to the baby wipes comment?” she asked Terrence. (He told Elle that women who don’t use baby wipes in the bathroom are “not completely clean” and therefore undateable.) “I know nothing about that,” he responded.
Score! She tried.

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