America’s pastime sure pays off. While you might think that Hollywood hotties and leading ladies are the only people that take home a monstrosity of a paycheck, as Zac Efron once famously sang, “Get your head in the game.”


To put it quite candidly, baseball players make serious bank—more than the kind of cash Survivor winners take home after eating beetles and such and even more than some film stars make. We’re talking about a lot of $$$.

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How do we know that Miguel Cabrera takes home the cash? actually constructed a highly-educational infographic that breaks down the 2013 NBL power players and their hefty paychecks. For example, the reports state that Miguel Cabrera was last year’s MVP and is easily up for the prestigious title again. The numbers by his name read $21 million. That’s like thousands and thousands of pairs Manolo Blahniks.

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So if the MVP makes that sum, what do the rookies rake in? Oh, just about half of a million dollars. Now think about it. These guys, who have several teammates counting on them basically push their bodies to the limits to perform successfully under the spotlight. No pressure, right?

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