Why is that all us girls have so much trouble buying  a bra that actually fits? It’s a universal struggle that even celebrities aren’t immune to. Some just seem to give up and not wear a bra at all—Miley Cyrus, are you reading this?


Thankfully, there’s Jene Luciani, bra expert and author of The Bra Book, out there to teach us how to keep our boobs in place and choose a perfect fitting bra every time. OKMagazine.com met up with Jene at the TJ Maxx in New York City for a morning of bra fitting tips and tricks every girl needs to know. And she even threw in a few ideas for the stars. Read on so you’ll never have an excuse for wearing an ill fitting bra—or no bra at all—again!

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Tip One: Size Matters

“Get fitted, know your proper size and use that size as a guideline,” Jene explains.  “So many women have no idea that you’re supposed to get fitted every year and that the size can change. Then they go into the store so frustrated over why nothing is working for them.”

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Tip Two: You Get What You Pay For

“You really want to get really good quality bras. That’s why I love the fact that you can come to TJ Maxx or Marshalls and you can get bras that are a brand name that you see in department stores,” says Jene. “You’ll pay 60% less for it and it will last you the year until you go bra shopping again. There are other things you can skimp on but don’t skimp on your bras.”

Bra Fitting tips
TJ Maxx

Tip Three: Know Your Body

“Pay attention to your body type and your shape and what your needs are that way. Instead of seeing a bra and saying, ‘Gee it’s really pretty,’ try and look for what style will accentuate you the best and boost you the best under clothing.” Jene suggest you, “Get a wide variety too, maybe get a plunge style and have an every day, full coverage t-shirt bra and then get that great spa bra too. Be an educated consumer before you go shopping.”

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Tip Four: Don’t Minimize What You Got!

“So many fuller busted women automatically go for the minimizer. That’s really intended to flatten and squish your breasts so they look smaller. You really should be accentuating the body shape you have and creating that hour glass shape. A great t-shirt bra with even a little push up or padding is  something many fuller busted women would never think to look for,” Jene reveals. “But, if you get the right band size and it’s cinching you in and pushing you up and the breasts are sitting nicely in the cups—you’re going to have a really nice overall shape and aesthetic.”

Bra Fitting Tips

Tip Five: Don’t Force Them To Be Bigger

“Smaller women making themselves look larger by getting a thick padded bra isn’t the way to go. You would do fine with a nice balconette style where the cups just cut across and gives you twp bumps on top and the straps are a little bit wider set to give you some cleavage. Do that and you’re good to go. Just because smaller busted woman, you need to wear a bra. You need the support!”

Bra Fitting Tips

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Tip Six: Don’t Wash Your Bras

“The life of bra is going to depend on how well you take care of them. Don’t expose them to heat—you don’t want to throw them in the dryer. Hand washing in cool water with baby shampoo is best,” Jene recommends. “Then lay flat to dry. Or get a mesh lingerie bag and wash in cool water in the machine. Be sure to loop the hooks so nothing snags. You should wash your bra after every wearing. You should never wear bra several days in a row. Have seven bras and wash them all at once at the end of the week.”

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And now Jene comments on some of our favorite stars’ bra styles—on and off—the red carpet!

Miranda Lambert: “She is very busty and really needs support. I felt her boobs were going to fall out of her dress at the Grammys. If you’re going to an event or a wedding and you’re bustier, get those great cups you can get at any fabric store and have your seamstress sew them in. Larger woman can look good in a plunge dress with the right support.’

Getty Images
Getty Images

Sophia Vergara: “She always looks amazing. She gets it right and knows how to work with her body and accentuate her best assets. Her clothes always reflect that too.”

Michael Simon
Michael Simon

Miley Cyrus: “Miley, you need to wear a bra! Even if you’re smaller busted, you still have some breast tissue that is bouncing up and down and it doesn’t look good. You’re not supporting what you have.

Getty images
Getty images

Jennifer Aniston: “She has an athletic body and probably can get away with wearing a t-shirt bra everyday—and they always look great.”


Kourtney Kardashian:  “She looks good. She’s a small girl but has implants and knows what to wear for fuller breasts.”


To get more bra tips from Jene, check out her web site www.jeneluciani.com and of course head to Marshalls and TJ Maxx for all the bras you need for every outfit and dress in your closet!

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