Britney Spears started Day 3 of her trip to NYC by driving 30 minutes to visit a public school in the Bronx. But, of course, with Brit, nothing is ever that simple – because John Philip Sousa Jr.-High wasn’t even open for classes.

So with the gates locked for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, the school had to round up a handful of kids just for Britney to meet. Welcomed inside, Brit disappeared inside the school in the Baychester neighborhood before coming back out after 20 minutes to sign autographs for the kids – who were nearly outnumbered by the 20+ local cops there to guard her.

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Looking relaxed and happy to be spending time with the children, Brit posed for pics and joked with the thrilled students for around ten minutes, then ducked back inside the school.

“I can’t believe she’s here,” said one star-struck pupil, “I couldn’t say anything – it’s Britney. I was shell-shocked.”

And just when it looked like something pretty normal had finally happened during her chaotic day in the city, Brit’s convoy of SUVs came screeching through the quiet streets with a full police escort – looking more like the President’s motorcade in an air raid than a pop star in a residential neighborhood.


By Oliver Coleman

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