Admittedly, this is a tough situation to talk your way out of.

But even so, the explanation being offered by one of the cops accused of breaking into Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate’s house in the hopes of selling her secrets to a tabloid is still pretty much out of left field.

Police Chief Barry Carpenter, who’s accused of plotting to burglarize the home of the woman carrying twins for the Sex and the City star, now says he only went into her house to check everything was okay — and that he only met with the reporter to "jerk him around."

According to TMZ, the cop claims he was driving past the home in Martins Ferry, Ohio, and noticed the door was open. So Carpenter said he stopped and went in, just to make sure nothing was amiss.

The site reports that as he was looking around, he caught site of the woman, and noticed that she had "what looked like a plaster of paris cast on [her] stomach".

So far, so weird. But then he goes on to claim that he met up with a National Enquirer reporter who had been snooping around the town, but just to "mess with him and jerk him around.’

We don’t know who’s more convincing: Chief Carpenter, or David Archuleta’s dad, who claims that he was only in that brothel to "get his back problems fixed."

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