Emma Roberts stars in Hotel For Dogs, which is in theaters now.

She has a long-haired Chihuahua named Twiggy, and pampers her little princess.

“My dog has a dog bed in every room in the house,” she tells me. “I have little dog beds everywhere. She’s really cute. My sister goes and pushes her around wherever in her baby doll stroller. My sister’s 7, so she loves playing with the dog.”

Julia’s niece, 17, is the ideal big sis.

“We usually like to hang out together at home just because I’m always away working,” Emma says. “It’s nice to go see a movie together or cook together, watch TV, read together, hang out.”

Does her former Nickelodeon channel mate Jamie Lynn Spears ever stop over? “I haven’t talked to her in years, actually,” she says.

Emma’s costar, Jake T. Austin, has two dogs named Bogey and Beju.

How does he spoil them?

“My dad owns a restaurant, so we joke that my dogs eat like kings and queens,” the Wizards of Waverly Place star, 14, tells me. “He’ll take home spare filet mignon, and my dogs will eat that. They eat and live like kings. We have a huge property and a really nice house. I don’t think they realize how lucky they are.”

What is his Wizards costar Selena Gomez really like?

“She’s very nice, funny and comical. Sometimes we go to dinner, movies. I taught her how to surf. She learned fast. She’s a good surfer now. David Henrie is a little slow, though.”

Hotel For Dogs is in theaters now.

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