Hair loss! Not many like to talk about, but too many suffer from it, except those in Hollywood right? Wrong! Even your favorite celebs loose a strand or two too many, but when they do, there’s one product they turn to – Regenix.

Regenix is not your mom and pop’s hair loss product! Since 1990, the at-home hair loss treatment, and secret product of the stars has been on the market, saving celeb and average Joe’s scalps alike! While hair loss isn’t a topic many celebs like to talk about, Matthew McConaughey admitted that Regenix saved his balding scalp in the ‘90s, and he’s been using the product ever since.

So just what’s in this stuff, and what can it do for you? Well, OK! sat down with Regenix’s Founder & CEO, WilliamBillEdwards, for an exclusive interview to find out all about it!

OK!: What is Regenix and what how do you all treat your client’s scalp issues?

Bill: Regenix is a patented process of analysis of specific types of problems within hair follicles and of course a series of treatments designed to deal with those issues and promote thicker, stronger, healthier hair. We don’t profess to grow hair in a bald scalp but we enhance what you have, making it as healthy as possible.

For the last 30 years, Regenix has been researching and treating hair loss at its Beverly Hills clinic. Regenix offers a 3-Stage Treatment System that’s non-surgical and made with natural, effective ingredients. No drugs, no side effects.

The Regenix treatment is not a one size fits all that can be dispensed at any salon in the country. It’s a very customized program to the individual and that’s why we like to get hair samples on a regular basis. It enables us to be able to identify what the problems are and where they are in the program and to be able to customize a specific treatment for that individual, to give them what they need when they need it.

OK!: Is it just for hair loss?

Bill: Regenix deals with a myriad of issues, anything to do with the hair and scalp – itchiness, dryness, dandruff, psoriasis, heredity factors, stress issues, lack of blood supply to the scalp tissue, excessive hair fall, gradual thinning, things of that nature.

OK!: Is Regenix for all textures of hair?

Bill: Regenix is for all ages, all lengths, all colors, all thicknesses, all textures. It’s for the young, old and everybody in between.

OK!: What is in this stuff?

Bill: There are many different formulas for Regenix treatments. They are formulated for each individual based on the nature and severity of problems and where they are in the program. Exact formulas are proprietary, however, a ‘shopping list’ of the elements we choose from is available upon request.

OK!: The burning question, what celebs have you worked with?

Bill: Many, most of them! However, we protect their identities. We would have protected Matthew McConaughey’s anonymity had he not just spit it out that he was a client, which was kind of funny! He’s such an easy-going guy that when he got asked about his hair he said, ‘yeah, I use Regenix.’

OK!: How long does it take for someone to begin to see results after using the Regenix 3-stage treatment?

Bill: Obviously, the first order of business is to deal with the deteriorating process, eliminate the problems and halt that deterioration. That’s on average 4-6 months. You don’t have to completely eliminate problems to see a positive change in the hair shaft, as you’re eliminating the problems, increasing blood circulation, the environment in the follicles gradually improves and the growth of hair coming from that follicle with reflect that.

Most people will notice a change when they trim their hair because they’re trimming away the last of the old stuff, and they’re exposing that better quality hair. It’s an instant positive.

OK!: What tips would you give for individuals experiencing hair loss?

Bill: There are nutritional aspects, like watch your diet, stress levels, try to limit your stress as much as you can, just general health things.

OK!: What would you say are the top 5 reasons people experience hair loss.

Bill: Most people think balding happens overnight and occurs mostly in men. Not true. First, balding happens to both men and women of all ages. Second, hair falls out in cycles growing back thinner each time. Those with balding often don’t see the early signs and grow hair so thin and weak that it’s too late to treat.

Typically, the entire process from having hair to going totally bald can take 15 to 25 years. Some men go bald in five years or less.

So what causes hair thinning and loss? Some folks think follicle-clogging from shampoo or poor scalp circulation can be culprits. Here are five reasons you might be losing your hair as we speak:


You tell someone genetics and they immediately think it’s Mom’s fault since a key gene for baldness, the X chromosome, comes from your mother. While it plays a part, it’s not the only genetic favor since men with bald fathers have a greater chance of going bald compared to men whose fathers have a full head of locks. Having baldness in your family can foreshadow an issue but there’s always the opportunity to prevent it before it starts.


Stress can be a big factor in hair loss and most people don’t even put two and two together because hair loss from stress can occur anywhere from six weeks to three months after an event such as divorce, death or a financial crisis.


While not all medications can cause hair loss, many drugs that are commonplace in American life can be a hazard to your scalp like:

– Antidepressants and anti-convulsants (not all)

* Blood thinners

* Gout medication

* Beta Blockers

* ACE Inhibitors for blood pressure

* Vitamin A in large doses

* Female and male hormones

* Acne medication Isotretinoin


Thyroid problems can affect hair loss including both an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) and an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) because hair growth depends on this gland to work. In an underactive thyroid situation, there can be hair loss anywhere on the body whereas too much thyroid hormone (overactive) can cause hair to become fine with thinning all over the scalp.


Aging as a contributing cause for hair loss sounds like a no brainer. And, unfortunately, we all age. The older you get, naturally you are more prone to your genetic predisposition, hormones and need medications for various age-causing ailments. Menopausal women experience hair thinning and hair loss simultaneously. With aging, hair follicles can get smaller and smaller showcasing fine hairs that look balding. Most women complain they used to have a full pony-tail of hair and now it’s half the amount.

Before you lose hope, just know there are treatment options out there including natural ones. You can actually prevent further hair loss by stopping the deteriorative process.

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