They say the camera adds 10 pounds, but that certainly isn’t the case for celeb stylist, Rachel Zoe. Even a shapeless maxi dress couldn’t conceal her frightfully thin frame during a family outing to a Beverly Hills farmers’ market on June 22. Having given birth to son Kaius only six months ago, it appears as though Rachel, 42, has lost all the baby weight and then some. While many would find Rachel’s shrinking appearance cause for concern, she’s “never seen [herself] as being too thin,” a source says.

©2014 RAMEY PHOTO 310_828_3445
©2014 RAMEY PHOTO 310_828_3445

Rachel, who shocked onlookers with her protruding chest bones, perused the food stalls with shopping bag in hand. Hopefully, she left with a lot more than just apples and oranges!

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