Who said love was easy? Certainly not Jillian Harris, the Vancouver-based restaurant designer whose heart was pummeled by single dad Jason Mesnick on last season’s The Bachelor. But now, Jillian’s the one plucking suitors on The Bachelorette. She tells OK! what it’s like to be in charge.


What were your thoughts going into The Bachelorette?

It’s funny, because I’m a super-real and down-to-earth person, so I understand that it’s a crazy and unrealistic way to meet somebody, but I thought I would give it a try.


What has the process of The Bachelorette been like for you?

It’s 17-hour days and running from one place to another, and finding time just to have a bite to eat. In the beginning, you have to be emotionally available to all of the guys and not spread yourself out too thin. It can be really draining.

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Last season you had your heart broken by Jason Mesnick. How did you mend?

I was watching my intro on the first episode, and I said that it took me weeks to bounce back, but I actually did it really quickly. I knew pretty early on that he had chosen Melissa [Rycroft] and because she had become one of my good friends – you know how it is when you might think somebody is cute and then they start dating your friend and you get over it right away? So that helped, because I was so happy for [them].


How hard is it to choose a partner?

You definitely do fall for more than one person in a situation like this… but eventually you know what you’re getting into. My final choice wasn’t a difficult one to make.


So you are happy with your choice?

I’m a firm believer that I made the right decision. The relationship failing is a fear, but I can’t control that. If it happens, it happens. I will be in the same place that I was before this, which is a great place.

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