Not you, Khloe! It turns out that the bodacious Kardashian likes to hold on to her money a bit too tightly.

And the 32-year-old may end up with less pals to go to dinner with, after a source revealed to OK! that she doesn’t like to tip, which is a major no-no.  “It’s surprising because she comes across as so down-to-earth, but she’s seriously the most tightfisted of them all!”

With a net worth reportedly of over $20 million, Khloe certainly doesn’t need to be frugal, but it sounds like she expects her last name to make up for her hesitancy to open her wallet.

Fortunately, her pals don’t allow the waitress to be left with nothing, and they actually plot to make sure they’re left with a few bills.

Sometimes “her friends go back after she’s left to leave a tip,” said the insider. And the waiters at restaurants aren’t the only people Khloe shortchanges!

“She’s stingy with her own hired help as well. Nobody else in the family is like this; it’s a real mean streak,” said the source.

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