They don’t call her their momager for nothing! While Kris Jenner may now have her hands full as she deals with Kim Kardashian’s tragic Paris incident, that is not keeping her from focusing on her other daughters as well — primarily Khloe and her ongoing relationship with NBA star Tristan Thompson!

While Khloe has already been posting videos of herself kissing her new man, and they’ve traveled everywhere from Cabo to Miami, Kris isn’t letting the 25-year-old hunk get too close to the family without first checking out all of his personal information!

A source told OK! exclusively that the 60-year-old “doesn’t want another Lamar [Odom] on her hands,” and is trusting no one. “Kris is sparing no expense to have every aspect of Tristan’s life uncovered. She found investigators who used to work for the Israeli secret service, and they’re pouring over his financial records and interviewing people who’ve known him since birth.” Talk about being intense!

It’s no secret that Khloe has not had the best relationships in the past, as Lamar admitted to cheating on her and also had a drug problem, while James Harden also get too close to other women.

We doubt Khloe will be too pleased to find out her mom is spying on her beau though, and that’s not even the worst of it! Even her sisters are in on it and are choosing to keep her in the dark.

“Khloe has no idea Kris is doing this, but her sisters do—and they approve. They think Khloe picks losers and needs all the protection her family can give her!”

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