Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one recovering from her Paris robbery.

It’s been reported that the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan has made lifestyle adjustments following Kim’s horrific ordeal. However, Kim’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, may be taking the most drastic precautions.

“Kylie is a mess,” a source exclusively told, “having nightmares and breaking down in tears.”

With Kylie also having her own issues with home intruders (a stalker was arrested on her property last November) the insider reports that the reality star has asked her friends to move in with her so that she’s never alone.

Kim’s ordeal is allegedly making Kylie rethink how she too lives her life and puts things on social media. So much so that the 19-year-old has put public appearances on hold so that no once can track her itinerary.

“Considering her brand, it can’t last forever,” the insider admitted. “But she’s lying low until she can get her paranoia under control.”

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