According to tradition, if you want to make it in showbiz, you need to move to either New York City or Los Angeles. Thanks to Broadway and its many film and television productions, New York is a great place for actors, directors, writers, set designers and more. Meanwhile, Los Angeles has an even bigger film and television industry, and it’s also a home to the music business. There are some exceptions. For example, if you want to break into country music, you need to be in Nashville, but all things considered, New York and L.A. are the places to be for entertainment professionals.

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But there are plenty of celebrities who have managed to sustain a career despite not calling New York or L.A. home, but it’s certainly a lot easier to be non-coastal in show business if you’re already a big star. That way you have the resources to commute to wherever you work, or if you’re ultra-successful, you can just buy a home everywhere you do business. If you’re just starting out, New York and/or L.A. is still where the action is.

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Here are 12 celebrities who don’t call the Big Apple or the City of Angels home — at least not all the time.

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