She did it! After starting a diet and exercise program in the spring, Carnie Wilson has taken off nearly 50 pounds, with OK! documenting every step of the way. When we first visited Carnie in March, she admitted that she had "hit rock bottom" with her weight and ballooned to 208 pounds.


After gastric bypass surgery in 1999, she went from 300 pounds to 146. Sadly, Carnie slipped back into bad habits through the years. But now, after following a sensible regimen, she’s at a healthy 160 and is determined to keep the weight off – even as she tries to have a second child with husband Rob Bonfiglio to join their daughter, Lola, 3.


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OK!: Congratulations on reaching your goal. How does it feel?


It feels spectacular! I’m so proud. I was determined to get my body to a healthy weight to prepare for the rest of my life and also for a baby. When I put my mind to something, I can do it. Some days I’ll wake up and be like, "I’m not there yet" and there will be a little voice that says, "But you’ve come so far." If I get caught up in self-loathing, I stop it quickly and look on the bright side.


OK!: Do you feel super confident now?


I have a bounce in my walk. It’s not that I feel sexier; I just feel more proud. I think when you feel proud about something you do, you radiate that positive energy and that is sexy. That is confidence.


OK!: Do you have any cheat foods?


I bake cheesecake for other people and taste it and spit it out. Every six or seven weeks, I have a tiny bit of dark chocolate and I actually will say, "You can swallow this. You deserve to taste something that you love." My saviors are baby carrots, hummus, natural peanut butter, baked yams and almond butter sweetened with agave."


OK!: What’s going on in your career?

I have a book coming out next year and a clothing line for women of size – really fashionable and affordable. Wilson Phillips is touring; we’re trying to work on a reunion album for our 20-year reunion in 2010. I’m thrilled!

CLICK HERE to see OK!’s exclusive new pics of Carnie!



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