Carnie Wilson has lost nearly 40 pounds since she started a strict diet and exercise program this spring, after she topped out at 208 pounds. The 5-foot-3 singer is now 20 pounds away from her weight-loss goal. Carnie is determined to reach 150 pounds by October and then start trying to have a second child with husband Rob Bonfiglio.
OK! caught up with Carnie, 40, at Will Rogers State Beach in Santa Monica, Calif., where she talked about her weight-loss journey and those baby plans.

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You look great! How do you feel?
I feel sexier, energetic, youthful, healthier, more agile, more flexible and stronger. I feel so inspired to keep going. I’m in the home stretch!

Has your diet changed since we last saw you in June?

No. I’m not allowing myself anything that’s off my regimen: no sugar, no carbs, no dairy, no red meat, no flour of any kind. It’s really strict, but I like how it feels. I’m eating blueberries, turkey bacon, egg whites and lots of raw vegetable salads. I make my own salad dressing with apple cider vinegar. My only fat is coming from olive oil. No avocado, no roasted nuts — just raw almonds. When I get hungry at night, I take a tablespoon of almond butter and that satisfies my craving. The only sugary thing is berries. When I ate that crap sugar food, I felt like crap. It’s incredible what eating all these vegetables is doing for me.

What’s your motivational strategy?
My new thing is cooking comfort food for others — like bread puddings and banana bread — but not eating it myself. I do a lot of tasting and spitting out!

Have you tried any new workouts?
Yoga. I stay in these poses for three to five minutes at a time. It’s lengthening me, and sweat is coming out everywhere.

Do you still have your trainer?
Oh, yeah! He’s coming three days a week. I’m trying to build up strength in my arms and my core because they are very weak.

What has your husband said about your new look?

He always says, “Keep it up, baby!” He’s very proud. He’s seen me go up and down. He just wants me to be healthy.

Would you consider plastic surgery after you lose the weight?

It’s a possibility. I think I’m going to wind up having my arms done. They’re really saggy.

Have you bought new clothes?
I went to Neiman Marcus and did some good damage last month. I’m trying not to splurge because I’m not at the goal yet.

Tell us about your new clothing line for plus-sized women.
It’s probably the most exciting thing I’m ever going to be involved in. I know what it’s like to be all sizes, and I have some really great things up my sleeve — no pun intended!

What are your baby plans?
We’re going to start trying in October. I’m going to mount my husband! [laughs] I have friends who are pregnant, and I want to be pregnant so badly. Two more months to go — it can’t come soon enough. We want a baby in my tummy right away.

How will that affect your weight loss?
My ob-gyn said when you’re eating this way, you’ll have minimal weight gain. It was very difficult having Lola. I just kept gaining. I’m going to feel better in my next pregnancy. I have this weird feeling I’m going to have twins. My sister just had twins. My grandmother was a twin. It’s a serious possibility!

CLICK HERE for OK!’s exclusive photoshoot with the slimming singer!

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