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In Draft Day, a sports dramedy centered on the NFL, Jennifer Garner plays a woman in a man’s world—a salary cap specialist for a struggling team, pregnant with her boss’ child. It wasn’t totally foreign territory for the 42-year-old actress—She’s the mother of three kids with hubby Ben Afflleck—who’s learned to hold her own with Hollywood’s most powerful men.

OK! Magazine: Are you a football fan?

Jennifer Garner: I grew up in West Virginia, which is much like Texas in Friday Night Lights. Every Friday night we were at the game. In my senior year, I was the water girl for the team. So I’ve been a legitimate fan for a long time.

OK!: Would you see this film if you were not into sports?

JG: When I watch a movie, I just want there to be a really good kiss at the end. I want to have my heart swell and to be happy.

OK!: Was this cast more male-dominated than most?

JG: On any movie set, you will find one woman for every 10 men. I am very comfortable in a world full of men, although nothing makes me happier than to have a scene with a woman.

Working with Kevin Costner in the film was a "totally pinch-me" moment, says Jennifer. Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment
Working with Kevin Costner in the film was a “totally pinch-me” moment, says Jennifer. Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

OK!: Do you ever speak up if a role doesn’t feel true to life?

JG: Definitely. It took me a long time to feel empowered, but I have no problem saying, “Hold up, girls don’t talk like this. Let’s figure it out.”

OK!: You wore killer high heels throughout this movie.

JG: I hope to never see them again. But I survived.


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