In the wake of scandalous photos of Gerard Butler and Shanna Moakler in what  appears to be full-on makeout mode at Monday night’s opening of Shin, the restaurant he co-owns with Simon Shin, Danny Masterson, Chris Masterson, Mark Ronson and Laura Prepon, a source close to the hunky actor tells OK! he’s upset because things are not what they appear to be.

“They weren’t making out," says the souce. "If you look closely at the photos, they’re really just talking closely."

According to the source, Gerard and Shanna — who insiders say left Shin separately — have been friends for a long time. "There’s nothing salacious about it," the pal explains, adding, "Gerard’s upset they’re being construed as anything else." has video footage of the evening in question, so judge for yourself!

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Earlier in the night, Gerard jumped behind the bar to do some tending — though some partygoers say he probably shouldn’t give up his day job.

"A couple of girls ordered martinis and Gerard asked, ‘What the f*** is that? Before asking another bartender to make the fancy cocktails," one witness tells OK!.

Gerard stuck to drinks that were straight wine, champagne or Belvedere on the rocks. He also would have been able to muddle his way through making party guest Kirsten Dunst a Belvedere vodka and cranberry juice.

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