Prince Harry is notoriously known as the playboy prince, but Kate Middleton and Prince William have had enough of his womanizing ways!

A Palace insider told exclusively that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge cornered the 31-year-old royal and gave him a lecture on his womanizing ways, after he’s been linked to countless women since the start of the year, most recently being singer Ellie Goulding.

“Kate and William are really worried about Harry,” the source said. “He’s totally out of control when it comes to women and no one can see him ever settling down with one woman for life, despite the intense pressure on him to do so.”

According to the insider, the red-headed royal admitted he’s looking for a very specific type of woman — one just like Kate Middleton!

“Kate, especially, has had very intense conversations with Harry, who really wishes he could find someone like her so she knows what’s in his heart,” the source added. “He’s just too commitment phobic and William worries he’s got Kate on a pedestal and no one can come close.”

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