Police in the Bahamas seem determined to get to the bottom of the extortion plot involving the grieving family of Jett Travolta: John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Ella Bleu, who lost their son and brother earlier this month.


Ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne has been charged with attempted extortion and conspiracy, and plead not guilty this morning, according to E! News. Prosecutors say they are searching for a "certain document" involved in the case. There is speculation that the $20 million alleged plot revolves around a picture taken of Jett on the way to the hospital.


Former Bahamian lawmaker Pleasant Bridgewater, who resigned on Saturday, has also been charged with abetment and conspiracy to extort. She was released on $40,000 bail and is scheduled for arraignment on Wednesday.


"I assure the Bahamian people of my complete and total innocence," said Bridgewater. "I am satisfied that when the full story comes out that I shall be fully vindicated."


The third person named in the case, Travolta family friend and parliament member Obie Wilchcombe, was released without being charged and is said to be assisting the police.


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