Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been together for almost a full year now, but one thing he can’t seem to outgrow: their height difference!

A source told exclusively that Zayn, who has “always felt self-conscious about his height,” is forcing the supermodel to ditch heels for him.

“He’s told her she can’t wear heels on their date nights because it makes him look ridiculous,” said the source. “With heels on, she’s almost a foot taller than him. Even in flats he’s still only up to her forehead.”

While Hadid is happy to appease her man, her friends are worried the former One Direction star is becoming “too controlling” for the easily controlled supermodel, who he recently ordered to put on weight.

“Zayn is far too controlling,” said the insider. “He should think himself lucky that he’s with a woman with such a stunning figure, but Zayn has always thought of himself as the biggest star in the relationship so his image is more important.”

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