With Halloween looming only days away, it’s time to slap together that last-minute costume. But don’t worry, just because you’ve waited until now doesn’t mean you can’t do it up right. Take a few cues from your favorite celebs for that perfect Halloween getup.

Lindsay Lohan:
1) Accesorize: Don’t ever leave the house without dark sunglasses that cover the entire top of your face, or a bag large enough to carry all of Angelina Jolie’s children.
2) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Whether it’s VitaminWater, Starbucks or… well, we’ll leave it at that, Lindz rarely steps outside without some sort of beverage in hand.
3) Arm Candy: To keep your costume as up-to-date as possible, you’ve got to upgrade your Lindsay love interest. So tell all your Wilmer and Jared Leto lookalikes to stay home and find yourself a shaggy-haired snowboarder like Riley Giles.
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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens:

1) Lay It on Thick: Make sure you’ve got enough pancake makeup for an entire high school musical — because you’ll need it. These two youngsters like to slather it on pretty heavy.
2) Uncomfortable Poses: When you stand together for your Halloween pix, make sure to barely touch and always look in different directions.
3) He’s the Mane Man: Always remember that Zac has to have the better hair, so get out your frosting kits!
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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes:
1) Matching ‘Dos: Apparently, a good couple shows their solidarity by going to the same barber and getting the same Soccer Mom #3 cut.
2) Reach for the Sky: Highlight your awkward difference in height by slapping some extra tall heels on Katie!
3) Baby Makes Three: No TomKat costume is complete without a matching Suri doll… complete with the same haircut as her parents.
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Britney Spears:
1) Extend Yourself: Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on quality extensions when you can get the Britney look by randomly knotting clumps of mismatched hair into your own? It’s cheap and easy y’all!
2) Skin Is In: Think you shouldn’t be flashing flesh just because you haven’t hit the gym in a while? Think again! With the Britney look, the more revealing, the better!
3) Dog-Tired: Since you don’t want to carry around a couple of screaming toddlers all day, it’s much easier just to carry a little pooch in an oversized pink purse.
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