Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Country queen Miranda Lambert‘s transformation is as big as her native Texas! In the past four months, the wife of singer and The Voice coach Blake Shelton has shrunk as her fame has grown by giving up good ol’ girls habits like beer and Cheetos for lean protein and cardio.

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“Miranda looks to have healthfully dropped at least 40 pounds over the last eight months!” praises lifestyle and beauty coach Alicia Hunter. Miranda, 30, has also credited giving up breakfasts of bacon and eggs for green juices, and replacing cheeseburgers and steak with chicken and vegetables. “This protein-infused meal plan could be the reason why she dropped a bunch of weight yet maintained her fabulous muscle tone, rather than looking skinny and unhealthy,” says Alicia.

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Here are a few more diet swaps that Miranda made. See if they work for you!

Instead of high-calorie beer, she invented the “Randarita:” white rum, sugar-free pink lemonade, and diet lemon/lime soda.

Green smoothies made with things like kale and spinach replaced classic bacon and eggs.

The singing super star has replaced steak and white potatoes with grilled chicken and yams.

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