As a mom of four, Vanessa Williams eats and runs. For breakfast, she’ll enjoy half a bagel with cream cheese and half a cup of coffee. She keeps her eyes on her waistline.

“When I’m in training mode, I’ll do no dairy, no sugar, but normally it depends what I’m cooking,” the Ugly Betty star tells me.

After indulging in comfort foods such as macaroni-and-cheese and mashed potatoes during the winter, Vanessa, 46, knows how to shed the pounds in the spring.

“I have a trainer that I go to,” she tells me. “If I’m not seeing my trainer, I’m on the treadmill. If you cut out stuff – I hate to say not eat, but if you eat less – then you’re going to see results. You back off the sweets – try to eliminate those – and eat a lot of proteins and leafy greens. You’ll see results.”




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